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Departmental Reviews

UCT is committed to a systematic, planned approach to quality assurance that ensures that evaluations findings are used as a mechanism to effect improvement. The approach aims to ensure comparable treatment across the university, whilst at the same time recognizing that evaluation and improvement are always context specific and that professionals need discretionary space to reflect on and improve their practice.

Evaluation is understood as a potential form of organizational learning and development, and is dependent on the way in which post-review recommendations and commendations are used for enhancement and improvement.   Recommendations made by the review panel, when utilized for decision-making, have proven to be crucial to the effectiveness of a quality assurance system. If this ‘quality loop’ is not closed the effectiveness of the system is greatly undermined.

Deans and Heads of Department carry line management responsibility for ensuring that the various elements of UCT’s academic review system are implemented and in particular, that ‘quality loops’ are closed.

The review process focuses on both Academic and PASS departments and units (these would include units that provide essential student support services such as Faculty Offices and the Career Development Programme.  Academic reviews occur within a 10-yearly cycle, whereas PASS reviews occur every six years.

Click the link below for the full guidelines to:
Academic Review Guidelines

Guide to Completing Self Review Portfolios
PASS Review Guidelines

Reviews scheduled for 2017

Science Maths and Applied Maths TBC
Humanities Psychology 11-13 April
Humanities Social Development TBC
Commerce Finance and Tax TBC
Health Sciences Paediatrics TBC
CHED Multilingual Education Project 28-29 March

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