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Curriculum Change Working Group

The Vice Chancellor has set up a Curriculum Change Working Group to facilitate a process for the UCT community to engage in critical curriculum transformation. The group is comprised of people with considerable experience, knowledge and expertise related to the development of contextually relevant curricula and the use of inclusive and generative pedagogies. The group has developed a conceptual framework and terms of reference accessible below. The conceptual framework is informed by the student and staff protests of 2015, which challenged and re-energized a critical engagement around the purpose of a university in an unequal society, both as a site of complicity and as a potential agent for social change. The paper acknowledges existing curriculum transformation work at UCT, but argues that this is uneven across the University and that an institutionalised process is needed to enable centralised points of engagement.  The terms of reference sets out membership, accountability, timeframes and deliverables of the working group. The Group will use these documents as a basis for engagement across the university. The group has decided to adopt a generative methodology guided by a theory of change and will be working  with interested students, staff and community members. 

The group has a timeline for the development of a curriculum change academic planning framework, to be completed by October 2017.